Man smiling and looking into camera while driving a vehichle.

Our friendly staff and volunteers ensure a safe and pleasant trip.

Living in a smaller like Grey-Bruce offers a lot of perks–no crowds, lots of beautiful scenery and great people! But as a result, getting around can also be a challenge. This is especially true if you’re a senior or adult living with a disability and you don’t drive.  Fortunately, there are affordable, accessible transportation services offered by HCSS Grey-Bruce–a non-profit organization. We help people meet these needs so that our clients can get to medical appointments and other important places!

Why Community Transportation Matters Services Matter

  1. Getting around: If you’re a senior or person living with disabilities and can’t drive, you might find public transportation harder to use. Without a way to get around, you could miss out on important things like doctor’s appointments, errands or social events, including attendance at HCSS’s Day-Away Program.
  2. Feeling connected and cared for: HCSS drivers are super-friendly and experienced providing rides to people with cognitive challenges like Alzheimer’s or dementia who can’t use public transportation safely. Our specialized transportation services offer compassion, a smile and safety. They can also really help you or a loved one access invaluable community supports that make a huge difference!
  3. Healthcare access: Fully accessible door-to-door community transportation services like HCSS’s will help you or a loved one to important medical appointments. Our friendly drivers are also trained to ensure the safety and security of all our clients–whether elderly or living with a disability.

HCSS’s Accessible Transportation Services in Grey-Bruce

  • Who can use it?: If you’re a seniors or person living with disabilities in Grey or Bruce counties and have trouble getting around the community, you might be eligible.

    Woman in wheelchair disembarking from van with help of driver.

    HCSS Community Transportation Service is an affordable, accessible way to get to important appointments.

  • How it works:
    • Wheelchair accessible: We provide rides for everyday things like doctor visits, shopping, important errands and more.
    • Volunteers and paid drivers: Some drivers are volunteers while others are paid. Either way, our drivers are friendly and ready to help.
    • Flexible Hours: You can book a ride from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, Monday to Saturday.
    • Booking: Just give us two business days’ notice.
    • Cost: The fees depend on how far you’re going and what funding is available.
    • Cancellation policy: If you need to cancel, do it by 1:00 PM the day before your ride.

Stay Connected, Stay Active

Thanks to HCSS Grey-Bruce and our friendly team of staff and volunteers, seniors and people with disabilities can stay connected to the community, visit friends, and take care of their health. 🚗👵🏼🌟

Learn more about costs, availability and scheduling a ride through HCSS Grey-Bruce’s transportation services now.