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Home help

This service delivers support to individuals who live in their own homes and need assistance with household chores and/or nutrition and meal preparation. 

Services include routine and seasonal cleaning, laundry, meal organizing and preparation. The service also includes basic pet care, errands, and grocery shopping.


Clients for the Housekeeping Program include adults who are unable to complete routine household tasks. This may be due to cognitive impairment, physical disability, frailty, or an acute or chronic illness. A home may be found ineligible for this program if it is not safe for our housekeeping staff.

About Housekeeping

  • The service is available Monday to Friday, between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Frequency and scope of the service will be based on individual assessment.
  • There is a cost of $18.50 per hour. The minimum visit is one hour and will be based upon a comprehensive in-home needs assessment.

Services we offer


  • If a home requires an intensive cleaning to bring it to a point where routine cleaning is possible, this will be done by two staff members working together
  • If work requires the use of ladders, HCSS can arrange this. Two staff members will work together
  • The housekeepers can help pack and unpack to assist with moving if family or caregivers are not available
  • Housekeeping staff are able to shop from a list with a maximum of $100.00 cash. They can make a maximum of three stops when running errands
  • HCSS will bill transportation costs for errands to the client at a mileage fee of $10.00 minimum or .45 cents per kilometre

How Our Service Works

If you are new to HCSS and would like access one of our programs or services, register with us by calling the central intake office at 1-833-659-5491.

Afterward, please contact us to arrange your service.