By using this site, you understand that all online payments processed by Home and Community Support Services of Grey-Bruce (“HCSS”) are for the provision of services to you. HCSS provides services which may be pre-paid online before the services are performed.

HCSS may, in its discretion, issue a requested refund of all or partial amounts of an online payment for any of the following reasons:

  • Payment transaction error, such as a payment being made for more than the intended amount;
  • Duplicate payments for the same service;
  • Non-performance of a service for which a payment, retainer or service deposit was received;
  • Service was cancelled by HCSS or you, and the payment for the service had been prepaid;
  • An error was made in the amount requested by HCSS and an adjustment is required to correct such error; and
  • Any other reason that warrants a refund as determined by HCSS.


You may submit refund requests by contacting HCSS:

Kelley Crittenden, Accounts Receivable Clerk
Email: kcrittenden@hcssgreybruce.com
Phone: 519-372-2091|1-800-267-3798  ext.2027

After receipt of a request for refund, HCSS will research the issue about which the refund is requested. All refunds will be made within a reasonable time after the request has been deemed credible.

HCSS reserves the right to modify this Online Refund Policy at its discretion. Any such revision or change will be binding and effective immediately after posting of the revised Online Refund Policy on the HCSS website. It is your obligation to review the website for updated versions of this Online Refund Policy.